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Prochainement | Archive: 2016

December 1

Auditorium Madrid, China Moses Nightintales (Madrid, Spain)

December 6

Gretchen, China Moses Nightintales (Berlin, Germany)

December 7

Landestheater, China Moses Nightintales (Linz, Austria)

December 8

Wien Konzerthaus, China Moses Nightintales (Wien, Austria)

December 12

Finale concours au Pop Up du Label, POP UP THE JAM! by Buffet Crampon

December 15-16-17

Duc des Lombardes, Recording « Geraud Portal quintet » (Paris, France)

Novembre 2 

RESIDENCE SUNSET-SUNSIDE: The Greenwich Session By Luigi Grasso

November 4

Jazz à Plouer, SaX mAdNeSs (Pluer-sur-Rance, France)

November 7-13

German TV, NDR Big Band « India week » (Hamburg, Germany)

November 14

Pop Up du Label, POP UP THE JAM! by Buffet Crampon,  SaX mAdNeSs (Paris, France)

November 23

Villejuif, THE GREENWICH SESSION (Villejuif, France)

November 24

Ivry Jazz, THE GREEWICH SESSION (Ivry, France)

November 25

Barcelona Jazzz Fest, China Moses trio (Barcelona, Spain)

November 27

Masterclass Barcelona, Taller des Musics (St. Andreu, Barcelona)

November 28

Jamboree, Jon Chamorro 8et plays L. Grasso Arrangements on Tadd Dameron (Barceolna, Spain)

October 7

Monk’s Marathon Espace Sorano 20h00 , Laurent Courthaliac quintet

October 8

Sunside 00h00, Monk’s Night.

October 10

Pop Up du Label, POP UP THE JAM! by Buffet Crampon,  Monk’s Centenary with The Greenwich Session and Alain Jean-Marie (Paris, France)

October 12

Bal Blomet, Laurent Marode 9et (Paris, France)

October 13

Duc’s Session, Geraud Portal 5et (Paris, France)

October 14

Cafe Laurent, L. Grasso guest with Christian Brenner (Paris, France)

October 20

St. Maximin, China Moses Nightintales (St. Maxime, France)

October 21

Tourcoing, China Moses Nightintales (Tourcoing, France)

October 24-25

Recording Session, China Moses and Vibe tribe (London, U.K.)

October 28

Sunside, Laurent Courthaliac 8et (Paris, France)

September 1 

Francavilla è Jazz, Luigi Grasso 4et (Francavilla, Italy)

September 12

Pop Up du Label, POP UP THE JAM! by Buffet Crampon,  SaX mAdNeSs (Paris, France)

September 13

Jazz à St. Remy, Laurent Courthaliac « Homage à Woody Allen » (St. Remy, France) 

September 14

Kultur im Zelt, China Moses Nightintales (Braunschweig, Germany)

September 16

Jazz à St. Remy, China Moses Nightintales (St. Remy, France) 

September 19

Mont St. Louis, China Moses Nightintales (Mont St Louis, France)

September 20 

Rouen, City Jazz quintet, (Rouen, France)

Septembre 23

Kulturcenter Freiburg, China Moses Nightintales (Freiburg, Germany)

Septembre 29

Jazz à St.Maur, China Moses Nightintales (St. Maur, France)

September 30

RESIDENCE SUNSET-SUNSIDE: The Greenwich Session By Luigi Grasso invite China Moses

August 2

Festival de Gordes, China Moses Nightintales (Gordes, France)

August 7

Gijon JF, China Moses Nightintales (Gijon, Spain)

August 10

Silda Jazz, China Moses Nightintales (Haugesund, Norway)

August 11

Jazz in Marciac, Pierre Boussaguet septet (Marciac, France)

August 12

Barcelona, guest with Ignasi Terrasa trio (Barcelona, Spain)

July 1

JazzTM, China Moses Nightintales (Timisoara, Romanie)

July 3

Marseille Heure Jazz, China Moses Nightintales (Marseille, France)

July 4

Jazz à Vienne, Laurent Courthaliac « Homage à Woody Allen » (Vienne, France)

July 6

Sunset, Residence THE GREENWICH SESSION (Paris France)

July 11

Les Grimaldines, China Moses Nightintales (Grimaud, France)

July 12

Stimmen Festival, China Moses Nightintales (Lorrach, Germany)

July 15

Tourcy Jazz Festival, China Moses Nightintales (Tourcy, France)

July 28

Open Jazz Festival, China Moses Nightintales (Nové, Slovakia)

July 29-30

Sani Jazz, China Moses Nightintales (Sani, Greece)

June 1 

Klangvokal Festival, China Moses Nightintales (Dortmund, Germany)

June 3

Festungsanlage,China Moses Nightintales (Germersheim, Germany)

June 4

Jazz in Duketown, China Moses Nightintales (Den Bosch, Holland)

June 6

Pop Up du Label, POP UP THE JAM! by Buffet Crampon,  SaX mAdNeSs (Paris, France)

June 21

Luxemburg Philharmonic, China Moses Nightintales (Luxemburg)

June 24

Jazz à Vienne, Laurent Courthaliac 8et « homage à Woody Allen » (Vienne, France)

June 25

Alfa Jazz, China Moses Nightintales (Lviv, Ukraine)

June 27

Jazz in Aiacciu, China Moses Nightintales (Aiaccio, France)

June 30

Musikfest, China Moses Nightintales (Waidhofen, AT)

May 3-8 

Blue Note Tokyo, China Moses Nightintales (Tokyo, Japon)

May 9

Pop Up du Label, POP UP THE JAM! by Buffet Crampon, Classic or Jazz? (Paris, France)

May 10 

Haman jazzfest, China Moses Nightintales (Haman, Norway)

May 11

Onex, China Moses Nightintales (Onex, Switzerland)

May 12

Mithra Jazz, China Moses Nightintales (Liege, Belgium)

May 13

Bonn University, China Moses Nightintales (Bonn, Germany)

May 14

Musik Kontor, China Moses Nightintales (Herford, Germany)

May 16

Moods, China Moses Nightintales (Zurich, Switzerland)

May 17

Unterfahrt, China Moses Nightintales (Munich, Germany)

May 18-19

Jamboree, Elia Bastida, Joan Chamoro, Toni Belenguer, Enrique Oliver, (Barcelona, Spain)

May 20

Mallorca, Recording with Ignasi Terrasa trio (Barcelona, Spain)

May 24

Jazz Cafe, China Moses Nightintales (London, UK)

May 27

Sunside, Residence THE GREENWICH SESSION (Paris, France)